A blue self-care art print with the text "resting isn't failing" against pink floral background

Be Reminded That Guilt Has No Place In Your Rest

When you're resting, you're progressing within!

Let this vibrant and meaningful art print remind you that it's okay to rest without feeling guilty sometimes!

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Give More Chances To Yourself, Just Like How You Give Them To Others

Our unique self-care art print, that intimately encapsulates the feeling of giving more love and freedom to yourself.

Hang this in your room or office decor with our high-quality print, adding a touch of kindness and positivity to your space.

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A framed 8x8" size pink self-care art print with the text "be kind to yourself" next to a bouquet of flowers

Be Kind To Yourself Even When It's...Difficult

We know how tough it is to be kind to ourselves, especially when things don't go as planned.

Let this heartfelt print remind you that you are still worthy of love and gentleness even when you don't feel like it.

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Hey, it's Michelle here!

As a designer and advocate for mental health, my goal is to create meaningful content that allows people to feel seen and loved, even during their most challenging moments.

Creating designs that feel like a loving embrace is my priority - I want to connect with you on a deep level of love and appreciation. I'm here to walk you through a journey to let you know that there’s hope in every darkness.

A purple claw machine self-care art print with the text "i'm meant to be loved" against pink floral background

Struggling To Love Yourself?

Allow this beautiful print be a reminder of your worth at home. Display this stunning print as a constant reminder of your inherent worth within your space.

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