You are loved even in your darkest days.

I know what it’s like to go through life where you feel like falling apart. It may have felt like darkness has clouded your vision and there’s no purpose to live at all. It’s painful, and that’s why I'm here to provide comfort and strength through these self-care art prints. It’s a testament that hope and love is still present.

About Me

Hey there, I'm Michelle! A graphic designer who's passionate about showcasing creativity centered around mental health and self-love.

After designing posters for a year, I found a connection between mental health and design. I enjoy helping and giving back to the community. My goal is to make people feel seen, heard, and cherished despite their tough journey.

I'm not just here to design pretty positive quotes. They're great but it's even better why it's 100% okay to feel like a mess sometimes. I want to assure people that there's no shame in feeling broken. Even in the dark, I'd love to go through this together with you.

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